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for merchandizing and customer care

Accelerate digital use cases from idea to execution
Solve the complexity of your Inventory and Reservation Systems


Travel Agencies

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Create your Use Case in a few clicks without any line of code.

SMOOSS offers a comprehensive library of Building Blocks for Inventory and Reservation management.


Run your Use Case to create and pull/push offers to your customers.

SMOOSS is integrated to all major Inventory & Reservation Systems.


Monitor, steer and iterate to grow your Use Case's metrics.

SMOOSS provides a close support relying on a deep travel industry know-how.

Our partners

Already enjoying the SMOOSS attitude

Air France

"During COVID 19 crisis, SMOOSS was able to offer a seamless solution to our customers facing a flight cancellation so they can instantly collect their vouchers."


"SMOOSS designed a digital solution to manage flight disruption and reacommodate customers offering them alternatives even on partner airlines."


"We increased revenue thanks to a new revenue management approach on full flights."


"SMOOSS is creating sizeable value for airlines thanks to an innovative ancillary offering last minute flexibility to customers."

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