Disruption Recovery

Take care of your customers impacted by operational disruption



Manage all your disruptions from our unique disruption cockpit.Launch a campaign on a disruption or let us connect to your systems to automatically retrieve all disruptions.
Empower customer service agents with all the information they need to swiftly manage bookings. 


Benefit from our optimizer engine to give the right set of solutions to the right customer. Simply set-up scoring strategies to rank bookings and alternative solutions and let our engine do the matching, taking into account remaining availability.
Follow the rebooking process and take back control at any time.



Let customers choose their preferred option, always provided in real time with fresh availability.Use our API or white-label notification / web app to inform them on any touchpoint. 
Manage all the contents shared with customers in white-label, directly from our platform.


Automatically rebook and refund from your Passenger Service System (PSS) complying with industry standards.
Differentiate by providing any alternative carrier as an alternative, including carriers hosted on a different PSS, ticketless carriers and other transportation modes.


A new approach to disruption

Rebooking is just a booking

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Rebook on any carrier

Rebooking between carriers hosted on different PSSs is a long-lasting pain point. For example, ticketing airlines can rebook neither on low cost (ticketless) airlines nor ground carriers like train and bus.
Use our solution to automatically create new bookings on any carrier for your disrupted passengers.

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Benefit from your negotiated disruption fares

Automatically benefit of your FIM fares when rebooking under industry standards (IATA resolution 735d).
For new bookings (ticketless carriers), agree on negotiated disruption fares (FIM) with other carriers directly in our platform.SMOOSS is acting as clearing house between yourself and your partners. 

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Issue accommodation & meal vouchers

Apart from the reaccommodation, customers require attention when disrupted.
Integrate to providers of accommodation & meal vouchers so that you can provide a great recovery to your customers, managing everything from our platform.