Covid-19 Health Documents Check

Digitize off-airport the verification of health documents




Use our platform to decide how to engage with passengers:● Which routes and travel periods?● When to push the notification and what touchpoint(s)?● What message to send?
Document requirements (eg. Vaccine certificate, Covid-19 test...) can be set-up in our rules engine or retrieved from industry-leading third parties. 


Passengers are contacted prior to departure in white-label:● They are informed of the documents required to travel● They can upload their documents or QR codes 
Documents are securely stored on our servers certified for health data storage. They will be deleted once checked.



QR codes can be automatically verified by our partner Affinidi with a rapidly expanding coverage. 
Paper documents can be uploaded as PDF or images to be checked by back-office agents from our unique interface.We are partnering with IGT, a leader in BPO working for 20+ airlines worldwide to provide experienced agents verifying the documents. You can also use your own back-office center.

OK to fly!

Once documents have been approved, passengers will receive a confirmation which can optionally include a unique QR code to show at the airport, avoiding any additional check. 
An element will also be added to the booking (PNR) cascading in all airline's systems (can be displayed on boarding pass, DCS…).


Our business partners

An ecosystem to provide airlines with an end-to-end turnkey solution

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Trained customer service agents with an unrivalled track record serving airlines

IGT Solutions is an Apollo company that is committed to simplifying complex customer interactions while delivering a seamless experience. It provides integrated BPM, Technology, and Digital Services & Solutions for clients across industries. With 20+ years of expertise, IGT has been enabling a better experience for 75+ marquee customers globally in 25+ languages. IGT’s 14,000+ Customer Experience and technology experts cater to its vast set of customers across 20 delivery centres globally.

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Digital verifier

Thanks to Affinidi, digital certificate (QRs) will be verified to ensure authenticity and validity of health credentials.
Affinidi’s technology can verify credentials based on multiple international standards, enabling to automatically verify health documentation and QR codes issued by institutions and other bodies from a growing scope of countries.