Transavia is live on SMOOSS Disruption Recovery Platform

Transavia is live on SMOOSS Disruption Recovery Platform

If all airlines ✈️ aim at avoiding flight cancellations, downgauges or delays, only a few look to differentiate themselves by providing a best-in-class recovery to their passengers.

That's Transavia goal: provide disrupted passengers with the widest scope of alternatives, in a self-service and digitized way.

👉Transavia chose smooss Universal Disruption Recovery Platform. It is perfectly suited as it can rebook on any carrier, regardless of its Reservation System, hence enabling not only to rebook on Transavia but also on other airlines, including ticketing carriers like Air France.

The Platform is fully automated, agent centric & customer centric.

🖥️Transavia's customer service agent can steer the disrupted flight through the User interface

☺️Passengers are contacted by email & sms and choose their preferred solution in one click

🚀smooss automatically processes the new booking, including on Air France, in compliance with the Disruption agreement between both carriers.

🎫Passengers receive their new tickets

⏱️All that in just a few seconds!

👉The solution has been available for Transavia teams since last month, all their passengers can now benefit from a smooss process!